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  1. The operating distance is approximately 50m indoors and 250m outdoors.  (line of sight with no obstructions)
  2. The transmitter operates in the 2.4GHz frequency band and uses direct-sequence spread-spectrum technology. The spread-spectrum technology is suitable for withstanding noise interference and/or multi-path fading channels.
  3. Multiple simultaneous operations are possible because 76 operating frequency channels are available.
  4. Relay (Sequencer) contact signals can be transmitted and received via radio.
  5. Two-type lineup. 1) Simple setting type with rotary switches, and 2) Multifunctional type that can be applied to versatile communication topology.
  6. DIN rail mountable.
  7. Accepts 2 DC power supplies. 24V DC and prepared AC adapter (DC9V).
  8. Contact terminal can accept both polarity voltages of +/-24V, referenced to COM terminal.
  9. The FDL-20TU is approved under Part 15.247 of the FCC rules. No user license is required to operate the system.
2.4 GHz Wireless I/O Transceiver, FDL-20TU